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A flat tire is a common problem that many drivers face at some point in their lives. It happens when the tire loses all or most of its air pressure, making it unable to support the weight of the vehicle. There are several reasons why a tire may go flat, including punctures from nails or other sharp objects, damage from hitting a curb or pothole, or simply from wear and tear over time.


If you suspect that you have a flat tire, the first thing you should do is pull over to a safe location and turn on your hazard lights. Then, check the tire pressure on all four tires using a tire gauge. If one tire is significantly lower than the others, it is likely the flat tire.


If you have a spare tire, you can change it yourself. First, you will need to locate the jack and the lug wrench in your vehicle. Then, use the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire. Next, use the jack to lift the vehicle off the ground and remove the flat tire. Finally, put the spare tire on the vehicle, replace the lug nuts, and lower the vehicle back to the ground.

If you don’t have a spare tire, or if you’re not comfortable changing a tire yourself, you’ll need to call a tow truck. Car Recovery Dubai is always ready to serve you at any time any where. Let’s call on us 0502092742.


It’s important to note that spare tires are typically only meant to be used as a temporary solution. You should have the flat tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible, because a spare tire is not designed for prolonged use and may have a lower speed and weight rating.
In summary, a flat tire is a common problem that can happen due to various reasons, it’s important to pull over and check the tire pressure, and change the tire if you have a spare or call a tow truck if you don’t. Additionally, it’s important to replace or repair the flat tire as soon as possible since a spare tire should only be used as a temporary solution.